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Breach Wood

A wooden sculpture by Gabriela Albergaria, constructed by
Goodscapes, for the Do Not Destroy Trees, Art and Jewish
exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

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The Synergy School-Mission District, San Francisco, CA
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Breach Wood Community Woodland - Year 3

Breach Wood

Breach Wood Community Woodlands, Oxfordshire, England

Goodscapes is Community Minded:


We take pride in being an active member in the Bay Area community.

Goodscapes participated in the Mission District's Synergy School renovation and installation of an edible native green landscape. This poject reclaimed an old parking lot built on top of an abandoned railroad track and converted the lot to an outdoor green space.

The project also included constructing a wooden play structure (left) and continuing to participate in its development.  Multipurpose structures include redwood benches for use as a sitting place and also serve as an obstacle course  for the gym program.

<---- Goodscapes' wooden play structure


Golden Gate Park's
Conservatory of Flowers

Goodscapes had the opportunity to work at the Conservatory of Flowers in 2007. In collaboration with a graphic artist and staff, Goodscapes displayed its construction know how in developing Chomp!, an exhibit focusing on carnivorous plants and their threatened status in the world. We enjoyed the opportunity of constructing and displaying the beauty and complexities of botany.

Three Signs

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A Community Woodland in
Oxfordshire, England

While on an overseas sabbatical in Oxfordshire, England, in 2002-03, Peter taught nature studies in the local primary school while actively in involved in the development of Breach Wood.

Peter and the children collected, propagated, and planted native woody plants: a key element in restoration work.

The Hailey Community Woodland Project, on which Peter worked, was presented to the Prince of Wales on behalf of the Trustees of Hailey Community Woodland and Oxfordshire Jubilee Wildlife Spaces Project.



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